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11/03/1500 Benvenuto Cellini was born in Florence

Approx 1510 He was banished from his native Florence for his alleged role in a brawl. As a result, he received his early artistic training not only from the Florentine goldsmith Marcone [Antonio di Sandro], but also from Francesco Castoro, a goldsmith of Siena

1519 Cellini removed to Rome, remaining until the city`s fall to the Spanish Emperor in 1527.

1527 If his own later account is to be believed (a choice left to the reader), Cellini played a remarkable role in the ultimately unsuccessful defense of Rome, slaying the Constable of Bourbon in one attack and later killing Philibert, Prince of Orange, as well

1529 Pope Clemente VII appointed Cellini Benvenuto head of the papal workshop.

1529 Benvenuto Cellini killed a man who had early killed Cellini`s brother and, in another incident, wounded a notary of the city forcing Celini to briefly flee to Naples

Approx 1530 Upon the accession of Pope Paul III, returned to Rome. His stay this time was brief, however, culminating in a dispute with Pietro Alvise Farnese, the Pope`s natural son, and flight to Florence and Venice.

1535 While at Florence he executed a 40-soldi coin for Alessandro de Medici, depicting the Duke on one side and Saints Cosmo and Damian on the obverse.

1537 The next storm cloud was imprisonment on a charge (perhaps false) of stealing gems from a tiara of the Pope. Intervention by Cardinal d`Este of Ferrara (for whom he had created a silver cup) and others brought his release

1537 Cellini left Rome for the last time. His destination this time was the court of King Francis I of France.

1545 Characteristically, Cellini became embroiled in disputes with those around him and he returned at last to his native Florence

02/14/1571 He died in Florence, the year in which the Christian fleet finally defeated the Turks at Lepanto. He is buried in the Church of Santa Maria Novella

Approx 1572 Much of Cellini`s notoriety, and perhaps even fame, derives from his memoirs, begun in 1558 and abandoned in 1562, which were published posthumously under the title The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini.

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